Team Camps

Team level camps combine a dynamic learning environment with active recovery, mental toughness, team bonding, and FUN!


Super Camp 2022: June 6-10

SuperCamp is our FAMOUS week-long

team level gymnastics camp. Since 1988, CATS has been hosting Olympians, National Coaching Staff, and expert clinicians and choreographers to come share their experience with our athletes!

Each day, gymnasts will have rotations of all 4 gymnastics events, trampoline, mental toughness activities, recovery and self-care, and dance! 

On Friday, athletes get to kick back and relax, as we head to Boulder Reservoir for 

a picnic, paddle boarding, and

tons of games!

Routine & Skills Camp


With competition season right around the corner, Routine Camp gives Compulsory Level athletes (JO 3, 4, 5, Xcel Bronze, Silver) bonus time to work on routines, and perfect their choreography and skills in time for season!

Our staff will masterfully break down each part of the JO Compulsories, and CATS Xcel Bronze & Silver routines. By drilling parts, pieces, and mental cues, athletes will build muscle memory, and skill-incorporation into their competition routines. 

Athletes will drill competition skills on each event daily. These finishing touches to routines are critical when it comes time to compete! Join us for routine camps this year!

Optional level athletes (JO 6, 7, Xcel Gold, Platinum) get to experiment with choreography, acrobatic elements, and fun variations to add into their routines!

Registration for this camp includes a complimentary CATS Spirit Leotard​

Camp Dates 2022:

Routine camps run Monday through Wednesday 9:00 am-1:00 pm


Routine & Skills Camp #1:

June 27, 28, 29

Routine & Skills Camp #2:

July 18, 19, 20

Routine Camp #3:

To Be Determined,

based on athlete availability and interest 

Sample Schedule:

Guest Staff

Past Featured Staff:

Tom Forster

(Current Women's National Team Head Coach)

Vitaliy Marinitch

(Former Men's National Team Head Coach)

Tammy Biggs

(National Staff for over 30 Years, Coached 1996 Olympic Team)

Shannon Miller

(1996 Olympian)

John Orozco

(2012 Olympian)

John Roethlisberger

(1992, 1996, 2000 Olympian, Co-Founder of FlipFest)


Amanda Borden

(1996 Olympian, Gold Medal Gym Owner)


Call our front desk to enroll in Super Camp today!
CATS Team athletes that competed Xcel Gold, Platinum or JO 3-9 in 2022,
Athletes in Bronze/Silver, or athletes who did not compete in 2022 that would like to attend camp should call CATS Front Desk.

9:00-9:30 am

All Camp Warm Up

9:30-10:15 am

Rotation 1 - Bars

10:15-10:20 - Break

10:20-11:05 am

Rotation 2 - Vault

11:05-11:50 am

Rotation 3 - Floor

11:50-11:55 am - Break

11:55 am-12:40 pm

Rotation 4 - Beam

12:40-1:00 pm

All Camp Flexibility

Sample Schedule:

9:00-9:40 am

All Camp Warm Up

9:40-10:20 am

Rotation 1 - Bars

10:20-10:25 am - Break

10:25-11:05 am

Rotation 2 - Vault

11:05 am-11:10 - Break

11:10-11:50 am

Rotation 3 - Dance

11:50 am-12:35 pm - LUNCH

12:35-1:15 pm

Rotation 4 - Foam Roll/Recovery

1:15-1:20 pm - Break

1:20-2:00 pm

Rotation 5 - Floor & Tumbling

2:00-2:40 pm

Rotation 6 - Trampoline

2:40-2:45 pm - Break

2:45-3:25 pm

Rotation 7 - Beam

3:25-3:30 pm 

Camp Regroup & End of Day

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