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Frequently Asked Questions


1) Where is CATS?

CATS is located in the heart of Boulder, at 30th and Pearl. We are across 30th from Whole Foods, and the YMCA, just off the Goose Creek Bike Path. CATS is accessible by car, bus, bike, or walking.

CATS is the LAST building in our strip, on the far EAST end


2400 30th St.

Boulder, CO 80301

2) How do I get to CATS?


North-Bound 30th: take the FIRST driveway after the bike path to turn RIGHT into CATS parking lot (directly across from Mapleton Rd.)

South-Bound 30th: take the first driveway following SAFELITE Windshield Repair to turn LEFT into CATS parking lot  (directly across from Mapleton Rd.)


Take the HOP from Pearl Street/CU Campus to 30th & Pearl.

Take the BOUND from anywhere on 30th st. to 30th & Pearl.

Walk NORTHBOUND on 30th to the driveway AFTER the bike path. Turn RIGHT into our parking lot. CATS is the last unit on the East end.


East-Bound Bikes: Take Goose Creek Trail underneath 30th. Take the 3rd exit ramp (Junction Pl.), exit going west, and cross over Junction Pl. at the crosswalk.

West-Bound Bikes: Take Goose Creek Trail underneath Foothills Pkwy. Take the 3rd exit ramp (Junction Pl.), exit going west, and cross over Junction Pl. at the crosswalk.

3) How do I pay for CATS Programs?

CATS requires our active families to keep a credit card on file. We will charge tuition on the 1st business day of each month. Families may pay with alternate methods BEFORE the 1st business day of the month.

4) Do you offer refunds, credits, or transfers?

  • CATS will credit your account for missed events (camps, clinics, open gyms) cancelled MORE than 24 hours in advance.

  • Missed Class? Students will receive MAKE UP TOKENS for any absences.

  • CATS does NOT offer refunds to your bank.

  • Please contact us via email at for all credit-related questions. 

5) What is CATS policy on dogs in the gym?

  • No dogs are allowed in the gym between 3:30 - 8:00 pm on weekdays, and between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on weekends


1) How can I sign up for classes?

All class participants MUST have a waiver on file - complete a waiver in the Parent Portal

  1. Open CATS Parent Portal

  2. Select "Booking"

  3. Select "Find a Class"

  4. Choose which student to enroll

  5. Search classes by Day, Age, or Level

  6. Choose your class

  7. Review ALL class information

  8. Click "Submit Request"

  9. Click "Add to Cart"

  10. Click "Complete Transaction"

2) Should my child take classes year-round?

  • Taking classes year-round is the best way to ensure safe, consistent skill development. 

  • We encourage athletes looking to progress through CATS classes, or join CATS team to stay enrolled year-round.

3) What if I need to withdraw my child from classes?

  • Parents can request to drop their child's enrollment through the Parent Portal

  • All drops must be submitted by the 15th of the month prior to the drop, any drop requests sent after the 15th will be processed for the following month.

4) Can I register in the middle of the month?

  • Yes! CATS Offers rolling enrollment. Students enrolled mid-month will receive pro-rated tuition.

5) How can I schedule a make-up class?

  • Parents can schedule a make-up class through the Parent Portal

  • Beginning January 1, 2024 Make-up Tokens will expire after 30 days

6) Can I transfer my child's enrollment?

  • Parents can transfer their child's class through the Parent Portal

7) How does my child advance classes?

  • CATS Staff will assess all athletes for advancement twice per year

    • April assessment will determine June registration​

    • November assessment will determine January registration

  • Parents may request an assessment at ANY TIME, by contacting CATS front desk​

    • CATS Staff will do our best to accommodate assessments during your scheduled class time. ​

    • If the evaluating staff is unavailable during your athletes class time, you may be asked to bring in your child for a 15-20 minute appointment to complete the assessment.

  • Completed assessment sheets will be sent home with ALL athletes. This sheet includes:

    • Skill evaluation for each event

    • Staff member's class recommendation for the next session

  • Athletes may stay in the same level for 6-8 months, depending on attendance

  • Athletes looking to advance faster should consider booking a Private Lesson​

8) What if my child's class only has one or two other kids in it?

  • CATS will run classes with 4 or more students enrolled

  • If less than 4 kids show up to class (but more than 4 are enrolled) CATS Staff MAY shorten the class to accommodate fewer students

  • If enrollment drops below 4...

    • Classes will run for 4 weeks with fewer than 4 athletes

    • If additional athletes do not enroll, the class will be closed, and students will be asked to transfer classes​

Class FAQ
Dropping a Class
Make Ups
Transfer Class
Camp FAQ


1) What should my child bring for a full day of camp?

  • 3 healthy snacks

  • Full lunch

  • Full water bottle

  • Weather appropriate shoes (for outdoor activities)

2) What should my child bring for a half day of camp?

  • 2 healthy snacks

  • Full water bottle

  • Weather appropriate shoes (for outdoor activities)

3) What should my child wear to camp?

  • Comfortable clothing they can move around in

    • T-Shirt or Tank Top

    • Athletic shorts

    • Leotards are also acceptable

    • Please no buttons or zippers as they can damage CATS equipment. 

4) What is the difference between half day and full day camps?

  • Half Day runs 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • Full Day runs 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

  • Field trips and visiting activities happen AFTER 12:00 

5) Is there a sibling discount?

  • Families may SHARE punch cards

  • If your kids are attending less than 5 days, we offer a 10% discount for siblings

    • Families attending more than 5 days should purchase a punch card​


COLD WEATHER: campers should bring a sweatshirt and long pants to wear in the gym. CATS can be cold during the winter months. 

Open Gym

1) What should I wear to open gym?

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Leotard or athletic apparel (shorts and a tank top) are recommended.

  • Absolutely NO ZIPPERS, BUTTONS, METAL CLASPS (these can damage our equipment)

  • Bring a water bottle (CATS does not have open water fountains)

  • COLD WEATHER: athletes should bring a sweatshirt and long pants to wear in the gym. CATS can we cold during the winter months. 

2) How do I purchase a punch card?

  • OR by calling/texting CATS Front Desk (303) 939-9699​

3) How do I use a punch card to register for open gyms?

  • OR by calling/texting CATS Front Desk (303) 939-9699

4) When do punch passes expire?

  • Open Gym Punch Passes expire 1 year from date of purchase

5) How do I register for a drop in open gym?

  • OR by calling/texting CATS Front Desk (303) 939-9699

6) Is there a sibling discount?

  • There is NO sibling discount for Open Gyms.

7) Can I do free trial for Open Gym?

  • There are no free trials for Tumbling Tots, School age, Climbing, or Adult open gym


Open Gym FAQ
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