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Class Tuition


Welcome to CATS Summer Flex! Available to all Recreational level athletes.


Summer Flex offers your student the ability to stay enrolled over the summer, securing a spot in their existing class or class of your choice in August when school resumes. 


Your athlete will remain enrolled in their current class, but may attend ANY class of appropriate age on any day of the week, including multiple days in a single week, through all of June and July. 


Prices listed below are for the full Summer Flex period June 1-July 31

9 Weeks of available classes:

- 5  classes for a 45 minute class (Cub and Caregiver, Cub Mini, Cub Kitties, Mini Ninja): $182

- 5 classes for a 1 Hour class once per week (KinderCATS, Beginners, Ninja Kids, Ninja Plus): $220

- 10 classes for Athletes in 2 classes per week (Intermediate, Advanced or Boys Training Group): $354

  • Participation in Summer Flex requires enrollment in class by June 1, 2024.

  • Registration will return to regular billing and class enrollment on August 1, 2024. 

  • If there are multiple athletes in your family, complete the form for each child

  • Form must be returned by May 18, 2024

  • Team, Pre-team, and all invite-only classes are excluded from Summer Flex

If you have any questions,
contact 303-939-9699 or

CATS monthly tuition gives families the flexibility to drop at any time!

Simply fill out a drop request through the parent portal before the 15th of the month.


This option is best for families who want to try out gymnastics, but may participate in classes seasonally (around soccer, basketball, gone for the summer, etc.)

Month-to-Month Rates

Preschool Classes (45 minutes)

 $145 / month 

School Age Classes (1 hour) 

 $175 / month 

School Age Classes (2 hours) 

 $283 / month 

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