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Meet our Coaches

CATS hires the highest quality instructors available to work with our wonderful athletes! Additionally, our staff are some of the most educated gymnastics instructors in the country!

CATS Coaches are required to have the following certifications:

NCSI Criminal Background Check

Concussion Course Certification

First Aid and CPR Certification

USA Gymnastics U100 Certification

USA Gymnastics U101 Safety Certification

Positive Coaching Alliance Certified

Kenzie Churchill
Optional Program Director

Kenzie Churchill has been coaching at CATS Gym since 1996. She currently coaches preschool, Early High Potential athletes, and leads our optional teams. Kenzie began gymnastics after watching Nadia in the 1976 Olympics and has had a passion for the sport ever since. Kenzie's eldest son, Caleb, grew up in CATS Team program and currently competes for Army West Point. Her younger son, David, is a swimmer and water polo player.

Kenzie loves the athletes and strives to make each athlete be the strongest person they can be, "I know every athlete, no matter their level, can do hard things! I see gymnastics as a way to accomplish goals, meet expectations and learn to overcome obstacles." 

Megan Buttner
Compulsory Program Director

Megan Buttner has been passionate about coaching gymnastics since 2000 when she began coaching recreational classes at CATS. Since then, she has shared her hard working and fun loving spirit with hundreds of athletes from all levels!

Megan also works as a personal trainer at Rally Sport. Her passion for movement has also brought her into CrossFit. You might spot her training next door at CrossFit Roots!

She attended the University of Colorado where she studied kinesiology and psychology while pole vaulting on the track team.

Her 3 year daughter trains in CATS hot shots, and loves to dance with the big girls!

Kallie Hayes
Developmental Team Coach

Kallie grew up doing gymnastics in Colorado for about 12 years! She trained as an optional, and moved into coaching at Peak Athletics in Highlands Ranch. After moving to Boulder for school, Kallie started coaching at CATS in January. She currently coaches Xcel Bronze, Level 3, and preschool. 

Kallie’s love for gymnastics goes back to her first class at the YMCA in South Carolina, and since then she has loved the sport and the dedication it takes! Kallie spent most of her life in Colorado, and now is a student at CU Boulder. She is looking forward to what this year will have in store academically, and through CATS! 

IMG_0015 Copy.JPG.jpg
Truitt Parrish
Xcel Team Coach

Truitt has been coach at CATS since 2017. He coaches ninja classes, skill clinics, and Xcel Silver and Gold. He attended CU Boulder, and got his degree in Fine Arts & Oil Painting. He is also passionate about tricking and weight lifting.

Levi Borrego
Substitute/Guest Staff

Levi Borrego is a professional tricker, and one of our youngest staff members. At 16, he is a leader in his sport. He has been training in tricking and parkour since he was 12, and his passion for the sport grew through classes at Apex in Fort Collins.

Levi has continued to train at CATS, and he loves the gym so much, he asked to work there! His fun-loving attitude, and unique training experience have made him a great hire.

He started coaching at CATS summer camps, and his love for the kids keeps him driving down to Boulder (all the way from Fort Collins!) to coach at CATS each week.

Aubrey Muller
Summer Camp Director

Aubrey has been at CATS for 12 years both as an athlete and a coach.

She competed for the Xcel Team at CATS for 6 years and since retiring from competing in high school, she has coached recreational classes, summer camps and upper level Xcel teams. Her favorite part of coaching is watching the athletes grow, connect with their teammates and discover the joy of the sport.

Aubrey moved to Salt Lake City in 2020 to attend University of Utah, and explore the ski scene (she was a ski patroller at Copper from 2016-2020).

She has recently taken on the position of Recreational Summer Camp Director, and we cannot wait for her to return to Boulder to run our day camps this year!

Her passion from gymnastics comes from the amazing community at CATS and she is grateful for the life lessons she's learned from our sport.

Sierra Higi
Substitute/Guest Staff

Sierra has been working at CATS since she was 16 years old, coaching all ages and groups. After graduating from Boulder High in 2016, Sierra went to school at University of North Carolina in Wilmington. Since then, Sierra visits CATS when on school breaks. She loves to assist with team groups, co-run camps and coach recreational classes.

Gymnastics has been a part of Sierra's life for as long as she can remember, but her favorite years are the ones she spent at CATS. Sierra was a competitive athlete for CATS Gymnastics and for the UNC-W Club Women's Gymnastics Team. She works as an elementary school teacher in North Carolina during the school year, so be on the lookout for her during school breaks as she always makes her way back home to CATS.

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