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Welcome to CATS

We look forward to having you join us for some movement!

Before Class:

Please note: Children are not allowed on any equipment without a coach. 

Parents are NOT allowed passed the mat wall unless enrolled in a Parent-Tot class. 

  • To allow for a smooth experience, please create an account and sign our waivers prior to arriving at the gym. 

  • Please stay in your car until 10 minutes prior to class start time. 

  • Have your athlete place their belongings in a cubby and line up at the rainbow mat wall. 

What to Wear:

  • Long hair should be secured back tightly. Braids, pigtails, pony tail or a bun are best.

  • Participants should wear comfortable attire that allows for freedom of movement.

    • Most girls prefer to wear a leotard and leggings or shorts

    • Most boys prefer to wear a t-shirt and workout pants or shorts

  • No jewelry, buttons, jeans, or shoes on the gym floor. Please no necklaces.

    • Fabric and rubber bracelets/anklets are allowed

    • Stud earrings are allowed

    • Indoor training shoes (cheerleading shoes) are allowed, as long as the soles are clean.

When you Arrive:

1. Please wait in your car until 10 minutes before your scheduled class time

2. Your child will put their belongings in a cubby, and line up for class at the mat wall 

3. Your child's coach will call their name for class and check them in 

Please note: Children are not allowed on any equipment without a coach. 

Parents are NOT allowed passed the mat wall unless enrolled in a Parent-Tot class. 

During Class:
  • Bring your child's water bottle with their name on it -- with WATER ONLY please. No sports drinks or juice please.

  • Spectators are welcome to stay and watch class from our hospitality loft. 

  • If you need your gymnast for any reason, check in with the front desk team and they will retrieve your child from class for you. For safety reasons, please do not step on to the gym floor.​

Sample Schedule

4:00 - 4:10 

Warm Up Game


Tumble Trak (trampoline)


Bars Stations


Floor Stations

After Class:
  • Your child will gather their belongings after class and exit CATS through the front door.

  • A staff member will wait out front with all athletes (weather permitting)

  • Please wait out front for your child, OR upstairs in our viewing loft.

    • This helps us prevent crowding, as our lobby does not have room for many parents. Thank you for understanding.​

  • CATS Staff will assess all athletes for advancement twice per year

    • April assessment will determine June registration​

    • November assessment will determine January registration

  • Parents may request an assessment at ANY TIME, by contacting CATS front desk​

    • CATS Staff will do our best to accommodate assessments during your scheduled class time. ​

    • If the evaluating staff is unavailable during your athletes class time, you may be asked to bring in your child for a 15-20 minute appointment to complete the assessment.

  • Completed assessment sheets will be sent home with ALL athletes. This sheet includes:

    • Skill evaluation for each event

    • Staff member's class recommendation for the next session

  • Athletes may stay in the same level for 6-8 months, depending on attendance

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