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About Our Program

GymCATS classes are for kids ages 5-13 who are interested in learning artistic gymnastics events - vault, bars, beam & floor - like you see in the Olympics! Coaches will introduce and develop fundamental gymnastics skills that athletes will need to progress their gymnastics careers. GymCATS twice/week enrollment enhances skill development, encourages rapid learning, and reinforces the concepts and expectations of CATS Team Programs.


GymCATS Is For Everyone!

Beginner - 1 class/week

(little or no gymnastics experience, first time students)

         KinderCATS - Ages 5-6                BeginnerCATS - Ages 7-9

Intermediate - 2 classes/week

(some gymnastics experience)

   IntermediateCATS - Ages 7-9.     IntermediatePlus - Ages 9+

Advanced - 2 classes/week

(by assessment or invitation ONLY)

AdvancedCATS - ages 7+

Ages 5-6 years

1 hr class


This class introduces gymnastics fundamentals such as basic shapes, forward & backward rolls, headstands, handstands, and more! Kinder classes are designed for the young mind, and will keep your kiddo moving, engaged, and learning throughout different apparatus.

*Monthly tuition rate allows for families to drop at the end of any month.

BeginnerCATS is the purr-fect class for any kid who is just getting started in gymnastics! Coaches will introduce gymnastic basics through fun drills aimed to keep your child safe and developing. Skills include handstands, cartwheels, forwards and backwards rolls, beam walks, and chin holds on bars.

This class offers rolling enrollment.

Ages 7-9 years

1 hr class


*Monthly tuition rate allows for families to drop at the end of any month.

Youth Tumbling:
Ages 8-11 years

1 hr class 


This class offers the opportunity to learn, refine and advance tumbling passes! Kids will learn anything from cartwheels to flips. No matter your skill level, our coaches will help you reach your tumbling goals.

Ages 7+

1 hr class - 2 classes/week


IntermediateCATS is ideal for kids with some gymnastics experience - from CATS or elsewhere. This class focuses on developing handsprings, pullovers, back hip circles, and more! Beyond skills, athletes learn gym etiquette and safety.  Intermediate athletes are on track to join CATS Xcel Bronze team.

*Monthly tuition rate allows for families to drop at the end of any month.

1 hr class - 2 classes/week


AdvancedCATS is the best class for athletes who are qualified out of intermediate, but not quite ready to join CATS Team. This class will work on advanced skills such as round off-back handsprings, handstands on high beams, and flips. Athletes will develop additional strength and flexibility to accommodate a growing repertoire of skills. Advanced athletes are on track to join CATS Xcel Silver Team. 

This class offers rolling enrollment.

*Monthly tuition rate allows for families to drop at the end of any month. 

Ages 7+

Why Twice/Week?

CATS requires Intermediate and Advanced athletes to come twice/week, as we feel this best promotes skill development and safety in the gym. Two days/week allows more time on the apparatus to work on perfecting old skills, and getting strong enough for new ones!

Families may choose ANY 2 classes

(of appropriate level) each week. This offers flexible scheduling for families, and plenty 

of options for kiddos wanting to

take their training to the

next level!

*Class tuition will remain $260/month

regardless of whether your athlete 

is enrolled 1 or 2 times/week*

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