CATS Classes

CATS offers classes for all ages and levels! From Cub Club, to pre-team, to teen programs, CATS has a class for everyone!

Preschool (18 mos - 5 yrs)

Cub & Caregiver (ages 1.5-3)

Cub Minis (ages 3-4)

Cub Kitties (ages 4-5)

Girls Gymnastics (5-12 yrs)

Kinder Girls (ages 5-6)

Beginning Girls (ages 6-12)

Intermediate Girls (ages 6-12)

Advanced Girls (ages 6-12)

Co-ed Ninja (3-12 yrs)

Ninja Minis (ages 3-4)

Kinder Ninja (ages 5-6)

Ninja (ages 6-12)

Teen Classes (12-19 yrs)

Big Air: Trampolining

Tricking Teens

GymFit: Cardio & Conditioning

Teen Tumbling