Mother and Toddler Exercise
Cub & Caregiver

Cub and Caregiver is for the toddler who still needs a caregiver’s assistance but is prepared for a structured class. This 45-minute class starts with an active play-based warm up. We play on a large obstacle course designed specifically for younger children and then rotate through events that include: trampolines, bars, balance beam, and more. This class offers important opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, and coordination. Basic gymnastics, combined with an emphasis on important social skills, create a fun and healthy atmosphere for little bodies that are capable and ready to learn! This class costs $95 a month.

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Cub Kitties

This 55-minute class is for mini cubs who are developmentally ready for a class without a caregiver’s assistance. This class includes an active warm-up with games and learning stations on events such as floor exercise, balance beam, bars, rings, and trampoline. This level will work on gymnastics skills such as forward and backward rolls, headstands, and handstands, pull over on bars, and seat drops on a trampoline. This class costs $120 per month.

Girls Doing Push-Ups
Boys and Girls Summer Class

Over the 2020 summer or rec classes will be grouped into new groups. Girls of all levels will be combined, we will also be offering a morning rec class for both boys and girls. These classes will focus on developing basic skills and keeping in line with social distancing protocols. This class costs $120 per month.


Our pretam is by invite only. If you are interested in having your child join please talk to their current coach or our front desk staff to arrange for a coach to test them to be moved up!