CATS Classes

CATS offers classes for all ages and skill levels.

Whether preschooler or teen; beginner or lifelong flipper, CATS has a class for you!

Co-Ed Preschool


Offered Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

18 months - 5 years old

CATS preschool classes help your child develop classroom and social skills, as well as teach the fundamental skills of gymnastics, and gym safety. These obstacle course based classes will keep your toddler moving, and send them home ready for a nap!


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Offered Monday-Thursday & Saturday

5 - 12 years old

GymCATS Gymnastics classes focus on artistic gymnastics events (vault, bars, beam, floor), and developmental trampoline skills. This program will introduce fundamental gymnastics skills and is the best fit for athletes interested in pursuing competitive teams.

Co-Ed NinjaFit


Offered Monday-Thursday & Saturday

5 - 12 years old

CATS Ninja Fit classes use parkour, trampoline, and gymnastics to help improve athlete's understanding of movement and air awareness. These classes promote general fitness for athletes in all sports, and are the best fit for kids looking to play while they learn!

Youth Programs

Offered Mondays & Saturdays 

8-11 years

CATS Youth Tumbling Program offers the opportunity for your child to advance in their tumbling skills. These tumbling  classes are perfect for skiers, dancers, cheerleaders, or anyone looking to boost their flipping skills. It is a great addition to any teen's sport schedule to boost strength, cardio, and confidence!

Teen Programs

Offered Mondays & Saturdays 

12-18 years

CATS Teen Programs are the perfect opportunity to advance your teen's tricking, tumbling and trampoline goals. Whether a first timer or a life long gymnast, CATS coaches will take the skills your teen already has and help take them to the next level! These classes are perfect for skiers, trickers, dancers, cheerleaders and anyone looking to add some agility and cardio to their weekly routine! 

Adult Programs

Offered Thursdays  & Sundays

Ages 18 +


CATS offers adult gymnastics classes through Upside Down Fitness. These drop in gymnastics classes are great for athletes of all ages -- from beginner to advanced! Each week we will focus on a different skill set, from handstands to back flips. Our curriculum caters to athletes of all levels -- it's never too late to start gymnastics!