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Tumbling Tots Open Play

Tumbling Tots Open Play opens up CATS Facilities to all our tinier friends! Coaches create a tot-friendly obstacle mountain on the floor, and kids are free to explore the gym!

Join Us Sunday Mornings from
9:30 - 11:00 am!


Tot open gym is one of our most popular programs!         

Our energetic coaches setup new obstacle courses for your child to explore every week, so that they never get bored!

Kids have the freedom to use our black bed trampolines, try different styles of rings & swings, and explore our signature Obstacle Mountain. Ball pits, hula hoops, and jump ropes add to the fun!

Tot open gym is an excellent opportunity for tots to interact with kids their own age!

        $10/Drop In OR $85/10 Punches

Tumbling Tots Obstacle Mountain

The Spotlight of our Tot Open Play!

At every open gym, CATS staff will build a unique Obstacle Mountain designed specifically for tots! 

This engaging play space is designed with toddler safety in mind, and encourages climbing, crawling, rolling, jumping, balancing, and more to help your child's development while they play. 

CATS Staff facilitate play with the kids, and help show new, age-appropriate challenges using the obstacles of the day!

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