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Show off your skill stickers on your own PERSONALIZED Water Bottle!



Color System:


  Yellow - Beginner

  Pink - Intermediate

  Purple - Advanced


   Lime Green - KinderNinja

   Green - NinjaKids

   Red - NinjaPlus


   White - Introductory

   Navy Blue - Compulsory

   Light Blue - Optional


Sticker System:

 Merit(?) Stickers:

 Hard Worker   

Leadership Award   

Positively Positive!   

Supportive Teammate   

Coach's Helper   

Level-Based Skill Stickers:


Back Handspring   

Cartwheel on Beam   

Challenge Stickers:

   Rope Climb   

10 s. Chin Hold   

Leg Lift Award   

How does it work?

Get a new water bottle every time you LEVEL UP!

Athletes registered in a new level* will receive a personalized water

bottle on their first day of class, so they can start earning stickers right away!

EARN STICKERS to decorate your bottle, and show off your skills!

Earn stickers by impressing coaches with hard work and good listening; learning new skills; 

and completing strength & agility challenges during class! 

Each sticker is unique, so kids always have something new to work towards!

See a FULL LIST of stickers

Want to upgrade/replace your bottle?

CATS offers replacement bottles, Polar Bottles AND Hydro Flask options in our Pro Shop!

ALL water bottles come with athlete's name and CATS logo on them.

*"new level" is any class level not taken in the last year at CATS gym

WaterStars Stickers
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