CATS Policies


If you are here to observe a class please do so from the upstairs waiting area. Absolutely no one is allowed in a class, on the floor, or on the climbing walls without a Waiver of Liability having first been signed on the behalf of the participant.


If a student is more than 10 minutes late for class they will not be allowed to participate for safety reasons. If your child will miss a class a courtesy call is appreciated. All make ups must occur in the current session, and cannot be carried over to a new session. Make ups are based on class availability and are not guaranteed. Make ups can be scheduled through the Parent Portal , by simply changing the registration status to MAKE UP (not active). Make ups can also be scheduled directly through the front desk, please call or email for further assistance. 


When dropping off your child for a recreational class, we ask that all parents please wait in the parent area until 10 minutes after the start of class. We ask that all parents arrive for pickup 10 minutes prior to the end of class. If for some reason a parent will be late for pick up, we ask that your child is instructed to wait inside the building. Please call our front desk to notify our customer service team if you will be late. It is CATS policy that no child may leave the building to walk and meet a parent at a location off premises. 



CATS offers two billing options Monthly Autopay or Session Pay In Full. All CATS clients are required to be enrolled for a full session, regardless of their billing status. 



Monthly Autopay clients will be billed the monthly class fee on the 1st of each month (or the next business day). All Monthly Autopay clients are required to have a Credit Card On File. Athletes who are registered as monthly Autopay will automatically be rolled into the next session unless a written drop form is submitted during priority registration. Monthly Autopay clients are still required to be enrolled for the entire session.



Session Pay in Full Clients will pay for the Entire Session (12 weeks/8 weeks) upon enrolling at CATS gymnastics. Clients who are Session Pay in Full will be automatically dropped at the end of the session. If a client wishes to continue into the next session they must pay for the next session during priority registration.