CATS Learning and Enrichment Pods

Starting November 17th, CATS will be bringing back Learning and Enrichment Pods for students in 1st-7th grades. CATS Learning Pods will include a mix of learning time facilitated by a teacher, as well as movement activities dispersed throughout the day. 



Tuesday - Friday

Flexible Drop Off - 8:30-9:00 am

Pick Up - 2:00 pm



$70 per day

Discounts Available -- 

Enroll in 3 days/week: 10% off

Enroll in 4 days/week: 20% off

What is a Movement and Enrichment Pod?

A safe space where your child can focus while completing their online school work. CATS has hired certified teachers to help facilitate your child's online learning throughout the day. We know that being a parent is hard...being a teacher to your kiddo is even harder...let us do the hard work for you this fall.


What a Movement and Enrichment Pod is Not?

A glorified babysitting service. At CATS we know providing your child with an enrichment experience similar to school is necessary to help your child cope with the new normal. That is why our pods WILL NOT be just a space for your child to learn. We also are offering enrichment activities throughout the day. 

What Will My Child's Day Look Like?
Each day will begin between 8:30am-9:00am (drop off is flexible). When your kiddo arrives our dedicated teaching staff will check in on what your child will need to accomplish for the day. Our staff will keep your kiddo on task, and when breaks arrive your kiddo will have the option of redeeming either an 
ENRICHMENT token or a MOVEMENT token.

MOVEMENT tokens will be used for things like free bounce time on our trampoline, to scoot around a ninja course, or to practice some karate skills, the possibilities are endless.

ENRICHMENT tokens will be used to participate in reading and workbook time, a science experiment, an art project, or maybe even supplemental flashcard work. 

We want to invite your kiddo to come TRIAL our Learning and Enrichment Program today!

How Do You Trial a Pod?

 - Find a day that works for your family! 
 - Request the class and change the drop down menu to TRIAL.
 - Drop-in for a day a see what this Enrichment Program is all about!