Your First Class!

We look forward to having you join us at CATS for some fun movement!

Before Class:

To allow for your experience to run more smoothly, please create an online secure account, which includes signing a Waiver of Liability & Release for yourself and/or your family. 



What to wear:

  • Hair should be secured back tightly. For children, braids or a bun are best.

  • Please no jewelry, buttons, jeans, or shoes on the gym floor.

  • Participants wear comfortable attire that allows for freedom of movement. Most girls prefer to wear a leotard. Most boys prefer to wear workout pants, t-shirt & sweatshirt. In the winter, we strongly encourage athletes start class in layers: leotard, leggings, and a tight shirt or sweatshirt over the leotard. We want them warm and if kiddos want, they can peel off layers as they go. No socks please.

  • Adults: Most prefer workout pants, t-shirt or tank, and sweatshirt.


When you arrive: 

  • Parking can be a challenge but if you arrive 10 minutes before class starts, it is usually not an issue.

  • Normally, you will be greeted at the front desk by a CATS Customer Service Specialist.

  • You will head upstairs to our loft area. The stairs are located just past the front desk on your right.

  • There are cubbies upstairs for jackets, backpacks and personal items.

  • If bringing a little one, you may want to help them get settled.


During Class: 

  • Bring a full water bottle with name on it for participant, with just water please.

  • For classes longer then 2 hours, bring a healthy, whole food snack (nuts, fruit).

  • Spectators are most welcome to stay and watch class from the upstairs, hospitality loft area. There are chairs and benches for our guests to sit.

  • If you need your gymnast for any reason, check in with the front desk team and they will retrieve them off the floor for you. For safety reasons, please do not step on to the workout floor for any reason.

  • We ask that you please do not interact with your athlete when they are participating on events as we try to keep distractions to a minimum and focus high— for safety reasons. 

  • Class structure for a 55-minute class: warm up is typically 8-10 minutes, with event rotations lasting 15 minutes. Classes are scheduled on floor exercise & tumbling every week. Classes alternate on bars & beam (and for boys- pommel, rings, p-bars) every other week. Classes also alternate on 3 different trampolines every 3rd week.


After class:

  • Please get back to us (email or call) and let us know how the class went. 

  • We can hold a “trial” class slot for 24 hours after the class has been taken. Because of high demand the class slot opens up to other interested students after the 24-hour grace period.

  • If you have any questions then feel free to email us at any time. Coaches typically have another class directly after but are always happy to answer questions.



  • Typically participants are in a class for 2-3 sessions before advancing to the next level.

  • Listen to your athlete and let us know via email if they are feeling too challenged or not challenged enough. We want them to love their experience here.

  • CATS coaches are very good at tailoring the class to the individual and the daily lesson plan and curriculum allows for it.

  • If you are looking for a faster track, then consider:

    • Enroll for two 1-hour classes a week,

    • Attend open gyms. Open gyms are offered every Saturday from 12:00-1:30pm for just $10.00.

    • Schedule regular private lessons with the Coach of your choice. Email us for information on private lessons.