Why Should Your Child Do Gymnastics?


Mental Benefits Include:

  • Increased concentration 

  • Improved executive function skills

  • Improved cognitive flexibility 

  • Increased social interaction



Physical Benefits Include:

  • Increased strength

  • Improved flexibility

  • Proprioception input

  • Increased core strength

Kids who participate in regular physical activity will experience both physical and mental improvements!



Gymnastics at CATS is a great way for your child to grow both physically and mentally. Gymnastics has the unique quality of utilizing both fine and gross motor skills. CATS emphasizes and rewards children who try new skills, which will build their confidence and sense of self-accomplishment. Children at CATS will experience encouraging coaches who use positive reinforcement to nurture their growing gymanstic abilities.


Preschool classes at CATS are a great way to jump-start your child's education. Science has proven that physical and mental growth are related. CATS instructors will challenge your little ones with obstacle courses, balance and coordination games, and through play instruction. Try a class at CATS today!


  • Fall Session - 8 Weeks (August 12th-October 6th)

  • $35 Annual registration fee

  • $80/month for 45 minute class

  • $95/month for a 1 hour class

Girls Gymnastics

Girls who participate in classes at CATS will benefit from our positive coaching structure. Encouraging young girls to try new skills without the fear of failure increases their self-confidence, which will affect all aspects of their daily life. Our brave girls are unstoppable!


  • Fall Session - 8 Weeks (August 12th-October 6th)

  • $35 Annual registration fee

  • $95 Monthly 



The coaches at CATS know that boys gotta move and boys gotta play. Which is why we encourage play through positive exploration and encouragement. Boys who attend ninja classes at CATS will experience improved focus and listening skills, that comes from increased physical activity.

  • Fall Session - 8 Weeks (August 12th-October 6th)

  • $35 Annual registration fee

  • $95 Monthly