Please review our new policies below. By sending your athlete to practice you are agreeing to these policies. 

Sick Policy: If your athlete OR anyone in your household has a fever, cough, or ANY symptoms of COVID-19, DO NOT come to CATS. Please keep sick athletes home until the sick party is symptom-free for 72 continuous hours. If someone in your home is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 we request that your athlete stays home.

Workout Schedule: When CATS reopens, each group will practice at different times throughout the day. We will follow direction from the health department regarding the number of athletes in the gym. This means some groups may be split differently than their “traditional” training group. We will NOT increase training group size or change athlete groupings until it is deemed safe for larger groups (6-10) to practice together. EVERY practice time will have a designated cleaning period prior to athlete arrival. Coaches will sanitize all equipment during this time. 

Athlete Belongings: We are asking every family to send their athlete(s) with a hard plastic tote to keep their belongings in. The purpose of these boxes is to avoid crossover between “general use” materials as much as possible. Athletes will bring their tote in with them every practice, take it between events during practice, and take it home with them each day. This will keep athletes from congregating at cubbies/water bottle table, etc. and boxes will be kept 6 ft. apart. They will be able to wipe down their tote with sanitizer as they leave each day to prevent crossover of germs from CATS to cars/homes. 


Water Bottle


Face Mask (in a Ziploc bag)

Hand Sanitizer 

Stuffed Animal (for holding between feet/knees)

Arrival Times: To ensure social distancing as much as possible, we are asking that NO athletes come to CATS more than 5 minutes prior to practice start. If you arrive early, please stay in your car until 5 minutes prior to class start.

Arrival Procedure: Gymnasts will arrive through the front door, and must have a mask on to enter. We will be using a drop off line, to allow students to stay safely distanced while we check temperature. This will work similar to a school pick up line, staff will be directing parents for the first few weeks of the session. CATS staff will check every athlete and staff members temperature at the door. Anyone with a temperature above 100℉ will be asked to leave. Athletes will NOT be allowed upstairs or in the loft. Athletes will be directed where to put their belongings (6 ft apart on sanitized mats on the floor). 

Pick Up Procedure: Athletes will wait with their belongings in a designated spot (6 ft apart), and will exit out the the garage door in front of the building. This will work similar to a school pick up line, and a CATS Staff member will direct athletes to their parent’s cars. 

Sick Procedure: If an athlete is unable to leave right away, or starts to feel ill DURING practice, they will be asked to put on their mask, wash their hands immediately, and take their belongings to our quarantine room in our office upstairs. They will wait upstairs in the office until a parent is able to pick them up. Staff will monitor the sick athlete while maintaining social distance.

Hand Washing/Sanitizing: Hands need to be washed (with soap and water) upon arrival. Athletes and coaches will be REQUIRED to bring a personal hand sanitizer to keep in their bin. Coaches and athletes will be REQUIRED to wash or sanitize hands between events. IF coaches are spotting, they will sanitize their hands between each athlete.

Face Covering: Athletes will be required to wear a mask for arrival, and pick up. It is unsafe for athletes to wear a mask while doing activities that go upside down (if the mask comes undone and covers their eyes). Athletes MUST have a ziploc bag to store their mask in while they practice. 

Staff: All staff will wear either a shield, or a face covering while working within 10 feet of athletes. We will also keep distance when possible and if spotting, we will minimize corrections while close to the athlete. If you do not want coaches to spot your athlete in order to maintain distance, please inform your coaches via email or phone call. This is the fastest way to communicate with coaches.

Practice Groups: Athletes will practice with their practice group, and designated coach(es) EVERY practice. We will not allow crossover or trading between groups or coaches to help maintain distancing for all. Each group will be on a separate event, and will rotate events in a staggered manner that allows for distancing.

Water Bottles & Snacks: The water bottle table will be CLOSED to avoid congregation of kids. Water bottles will be stored with shoes, and athletes will be required to stay in their designated space during water breaks. CATS water fountain will be turned OFF and only the water bottle filler will run. Athletes will NOT have a break for food during practice for the foreseeable future. If an athlete needs to eat, they will need to ask permission from their coach and eat OUTSIDE. 

Parents in the Gym: We will no longer offer a parent observation area. We will have video access, however final details are still in the works. If you need assistance with billing or registration, please call CATS front desk: 303 939 9699. We will do our best to assist you over the phone, and if you need to come into CATS please let out admin staff know during drop off.

**Warning: Your athlete could be exposed to an infectious disease. We are doing all we can to minimize the spread. Please talk to your athlete about keeping distance from others, not touching other people, and keeping hands away from their face!! Incidental touching of their face is a big problem. Hair needs to be bound and perhaps consider a head band with clips to keep hair out of their face. Moving hair accounts for a lot of face touching.**