CATS Policies For Participants:


CATS Rules For Participants: (Includes Classes, Open Gym & Birthday Parties)


  1. All participants (youth and adult) or spectators in the gym’s work out area must abide by all Open Gym rules and have an online waiver completely and accurately filled out and on file with CATS. Everyone must sign in at the front desk and pay the participant fee.

  2. No zippers, buttons, jewelry, street clothes or street shoes permitted in the gym area as they damage equipment. Long hair is required to be secured back in a ponytail and out of the eyes. No socks as they cause slippage and fall potential. Gymnastics shoes allowed. Personal items are left in cubbies and are not permitted in the work out area. This includes water bottles, extra clothes, shoes, backpacks, purses, etc.

  3. Children under the age of 6 are required to have adult supervision (parent, nanny, etc.) with them at all times.

  4. All participants must warm up. Food and drink are permitted in the upstairs loft area only. Water bottles in the work out area are permitted on the desk in the gym only.

  5. No spinning on any rings. Swinging is permitted on floor rings that are no higher then 3 feet off the ground, and with staff supervision.

  6. No Beanie Babies, balls or parachutes. No slider use permitted on the climbing area sloped floors.

  7. One person allowed on trampolines at a time. No crawling under any trampolines. Tumble Trak users wait in line on the side of the trampoline, on the floor. Walk back on the floor. No bouncing back. No trampoline use unless supervised by CATS Staff. 

  8. No Aussie trampoline use unless accompanied by CATS gymnastics staff.

  9. Use of equipment requiring belts is not permitted during this open gym. This includes: floor rings, high bar, and bungees.

  10. No fort building with mats. Return everything to its proper place. No mat wars, hitting others with mats or throwing mats or equipment. Return all equipment used to it’s original home.

  11. Kids wait inside for parent pick up, not outside.

  12. CATS does not allow kids to use the apparatus listed below during its Recreational Open Gyms from 12:00-2:00/Sat. or “School Day Off” Open Gyms. USAG Safety guidelines state that if a child cannot get up to a surface unassisted they should not use the apparatus.

  • Strap Bar

  • Boy’s high bar

  • Climbing Wall (above the height of user’s chest with feet. No climbing behind walls.)

  • Balance Beams. These are adjusted to their lowest height before open gyms and then supervised use is okay.

  • Boy’s high rings. These permitted for use for ages 6 and up, if there is a 2-foot high, or greater skill cushion underneath the participant.

  • Girl’s high bars (the low bars are fine.) Furthest south high bar is permitted for use for ages 6 and up, if there is a 2 ft skill cushion underneath.


Set up:

Typically, during youth open gyms the floor exercise area is partitioned off into 3 sections with panel mat walls.

  • ¼ of floor is used for tumbling and mini-tramp only (west side.)

  • ¼ of floor is set up as an obstacle for tots. This area is for tots only (up to age 5) with the assistance of their adult supervisor.

  • ½ the floor (east side) is used for open play area.